All across the world, IT Managers, CIO’s, and key decision makers use LRM’s digitization platform to understand space usage and communicate with their customers at scale.

Comprehensive Platform

We bring together a fully integrated suite of analytics and communication products. Pair simple hardware with sophisticated machine learning and aesthetic design.

Computer Vision

Precise Computer Vision Using Deep Learning


Intelligent Radio Frequency
Signal Processing Paired with
Machine Learning

Digital Signage

Elegant Digital Signage Software
with Real-Time Triggering Capabilities

Designed for IT managers, CIO’s, and Data Driven Decision Makers

The World’s Most Easily
Deployed Sensor Network

We designed a system to ensure your teams don't have to use disparate sensing solutions, spend millions of dollars on hardware and cabling, and add additional sensors for every desired new data output.

Any Space, Any Angle

A single robust computer vision model trained for any angle

Flexible Connectivity

Cabling is expensive and cumbersome so we built a system that’s LTE and Wifi enabled

Easy Integrations

From integrating into existing security cameras to your existing wifi access points, drop a single line of code and our platform’s ready

Future Proof

A system that changes with the world. Simply request an upgrade and add mask detection and elderly detection to your dashboard

Why LiveReach Media?

A customer-first approach ingrained in every piece of our technology stack.

10X the Value

Intelligent engineering means incredible value for you. We’ve compressed, optimized, and designed our software to run on simple hardware and basic internet requirements.

Over-the-Air Software Updates

We release new features everyday to help you stay ahead of the curb, remain future-proof and protect your investment.

Privacy By Design

We commit to audits of our technology stack every year. PII is never sent over the network or saved in the cloud so rest assured you are in safe hands.

Modular Sensing Solution

Give us a floor plan and simply tell us your goals. We’ve built a modular sensing solution designed to meet every use case.

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