A smarter wayfinding system powered by artificial intelligence and elegant digital signage software to help your travelers find the safest paths along their journey.

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Improve Social Distancing

Safer & Smarter Wayfinding

1 Sensor Covers 1K ft2

Communicate at Scale with Digital Signage

Anomaly Detection


How You Can Benefit

Impact Traveler Journey

Visualize passenger density across your spaces and inform occupancy and crowding via digital signage to communicate safest spaces throughout the airport

Analyze and Improve

Real-time heatmaps and historical SafeDistancing scoring gives airports the power to act in real-time and benchmark performance

Future Proof

With the same sensor deployed, go beyond measuring crowd density to measuring specific paths of people throughout your space. For example, determine how many unsafe interactions a traveler may have had before leaving for their flight.


How It Works

Install Sensors & Displays

Deploy LRM Vision sensors to monitor occupancy and safe distancing in real-time. If you have your own displays, simply plug in the LRM CMS. If you need to source the full solution, come talk to us!

Set Up Alerts

Configure alerts to help staff and security act instantly

View Insights

Use dashboard for trend analysis, optimization, identification of high density areas


Analyze and improve physical distancing through A/B TestingĀ 

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