Measure and improve social distancing to ensure a safe environment for your customers

An advanced safety tool powered by sophisticated neural networks to help venues monitor and improve social distancing.

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Playable & Historical Heatmaps

Precise Distance Measurement

Real-Time & Customizable Alerts

Mask Detection Upgrade

Demographics Upgrade


How You Can Benefit

Analyze & Improve

Visualize your space’s social distancing score over time and use trend analysis to improve safety

Act Immediately

Arm your operators in real-time to improve social distancing

Future Proof

Upgrade your SafeDistancing package with critical safety features such as mask detection or demographic information to identify at risk individuals


How It Works

Easy Install

Deploy LRM Vision sensors to monitor distancing in real-time

Set Up Alerts

Configure alerts to help staff and security act instantly

View Insights

Use dashboard for trend analysis, optimization, identification of high density areas


Analyze and improve physical distancing through A/B Testing 

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