Enhance, personalize, and streamline the customer journey

Utilizing existing WiFi access points or our proprietary sensors, flow provides an unparalleled 360 degree view into your facility

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Integration into Existing WiFi

Geofencing Technology

+- 2m Positioning

Path Analysis

Cohort Analysis

Heatmapping Technology


How You Can Benefit

Flow Recommendation Engine

A 360 degree analytics tool meant to make you feel like your building can talk to you and give you suggestions in real-time.

Measure & Improve Congestion

Traveler touchpoint data broken out by granular resolutions arm decision makers with critical insights to reduce bottlenecks and streamline the passenger journey.

Collect and Analyze Valuable Insights

Cohort analysis answers business questions such as how customers at Delta spend their time throughout the airport versus American Airlines customers or how travelers in the morning alter their behavior compared to those who depart at night. Uncover insights and share meaningful data with internal and external stakeholders.


How It Works

Share your Goals

Meet with an LRM expert to determine areas of focus and select your sensor design options

Rapid Sensor Design

Share your floor plan and we will design your sensor layout

Self-Serve or Managed Installation Service

We will ship you the sensors or come on-site depending on your preference

Your Space is Now Digitized

Set up alerts, visualize your data, and begin creating superior customer experiences 

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