Scale motion analytics across your venue without additional hardware or cabling

Draw counting regions & lines, visualize analytics by each

Categorize objects by attributes such as dwell-time

Visualize object speed, xy coordinates, & movement

Draw counting regions & lines, visualize analytics by each

Categorize objects by attributes such as dwell-time

Visualize object speed, xy coordinates, & movement

Existing Camera Motion Analytics

Visualize Analytics by Stream or Area

By Area

We can translate what the camera sees into a top-down floor plan view. Visualize object movement around your space, measure object speed, discover anomalies, and categorize objects by attributes such as dwell-time or time-spent in queue.

By Camera Stream

Pull up analytics by stream, draw counting lines, create counting regions, and visualize your data with an intuitive UI. Our advanced algorithms can detect “flight” events or “train events” and re-identify an object without recording any PII.

Passenger Counts

Wait Time

Dwell Time

SMS & Email Alerts Based on Metrics

Safe Distancing

Tracking & RE-Identification Across Adjacent Streams (GDPR Compliant & No PII Used)


X,Y Positioning & Real-Time Movement Map

Existing Camera Motion Analytics


Goodbye Cabling

Gone are the days of extensive cabling and infrastructure investment. We ship you edge devices programmed to your network, you sit back and enjoy next level insights.

Camera Angle Agnostic

Security cameras come in all shapes and sizes and are deployed in a variety of angles. Humans can reason quickly but computers can’t so we built a system agnostic to overhead, in-line, and fisheye cameras.

Privacy by Design

GDPR and CCPA remain at the forefront of what we do. Our solution is completely closed, on-premise, meaning video footage is never sent to the cloud. Video streams are processed locally at the edge and within nanoseconds immediately discarded.

Existing Camera Motion Analytics

Market Applications

Grocery Stores

Visualize product level interest, engagement, attraction, and loyalty

Enhance cross-product promotion and branding

A/B Test various store layouts to emphasize high engagement products


Reduce wait times and ensure a smooth journey after the checkpoint without deploying a single cable drop

Control crowding and show safe dwelling areas in real-time to boost traveler experience

Benchmark performance across concession areas, lounges, and other strategic areas

Discover how travelers spend their time before departure


Each minute spent waiting in concessions or for the restroom means lost revenue for you – optimize flow, reduce congestion, and boost the fan experience

The path to a safer fan experience starts here – manage occupancy and arm security & staff to mitigate crowd anomalies with accurate and usable data

No fan wants to be stuck in parking or wait in long lines – share wait times with fans via your mobile app or website so they remain informed and can make the best decision for themselves

Existing Camera Motion Analytics

How It Works

Select Strategic Spaces

Choose the cameras you wish to measure

Receive Compute Power

We ship you edge computing devices

Configure Parameters

Draw counting lines and regions

Your Space Is Now Digitized

Visualize next generations analytics through our dashboard or API

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