Our goal is to bring the online programmatic advertising capabilities to the Digital Out-of-Home market.  


Deep and meaningful insights empowering advertisers,
publishers, and retailers


LiveReach Media's powerful analytics service provides retailers with shopper movement patterns and demographics, empowers brand marketers and helps media owners quantify the value of inventory


Key Features


Dwell Time &

Measure how long shoppers remain in view of displays or retail environments. Answer the question: What people really saw our content?

Age &

Understand detailed audience demographics.

Movement & Exact Location Data

Pinpoint shoppers in
retail environments and visualize movement patterns via heatmap.


Measure the total number of unique individuals within a specific area you define.


A simplified and targeted approach to
digital Out-of-Home media buying.




Our programmatic solution enables advertisers to plan, buy, and measure their digital OOH advertising campaigns and offers a robust set of targeting capabilities giving marketers full control of ad spend across a variety of digital OOH channels.


Key Features


Real-time Targeting

Target you audience based on real-time demographic and traffic analysis.


Target users in a specific zone based on robust data collected from LRM’s IAP.


Extend digital OOH campaigns to mobile devices.


Programmatically schedule your advertising to run during peak hours.



List and sell inventory with a click of a button.


LiveReach Media removes the inefficiencies in traditional media planning with a platform that allows publishers and media owners to monetize their inventory and maximize fill rates.


Key Features

Set Bid &
Price Floor

Remain in full control of pricing & ensure a minimum return on your inventory. 

Brand Safety

Set restrictions on the types of ads displayed on your digital assets.  


Offer premium inventory to a select group of buyers.