LiveReach Media is committed to complying with GDPR and all applicable data privacy regulations.

6 months before the mandate of GDPR (May 25, 2018), LRM conducted an internal audit of its data processing and storage methodology. LRM's continued commitment to all applicable privacy laws is reflected in its architecture choices, security initiatives, user transparency, and rapid incident response protocols. Businesses and people trust us with their data. LRM is committed to keeping that trust.



Multi Region Deployment

LRM's storage and processing clusters are in the same region as the IoT infrastructure that generates the data i.e. If sensors are placed in Europe, LRM would only process and store data collected from those sensors in the EU.




Protecting Your Privacy

All data sent to LRM's cloud is hashed on device and encrypted. This transformation is considered to be best in practice regarding privacy and data protection. The device identifiers captured by the IoT Infrastructure are never stored permanently. These identifiers are briefly (within milliseconds) stored in memory, enough to perform the hash-salt transformation, before being sent to the cloud. 

Instant Response

72 Hour Response

GDPR compliance requires organizations to notify authorities and customers in the event of a data breach within 72 hours after discovery of the breach. LRM’s internal checks against outside attackers guarantee LRM’s ability to respond within 72 hours.




Knowing your rights

LRM knows that trust and choice are two fundamental pillars of GDPR. Everyone has the rights to the restriction of processing and LRM provides all customers with an opt-out.

Users can opt-out via (