What is Wifi Based Location Analytics Technology?

Public venues such as airports, retail stores, stadiums, parks and plazas sometimes use WiFi based Location Analytics technology. This technology allows venue owners to better understand the traffic of individuals in and around their venues. The answers to questions such as these allow venue owners to better understand their business, enhance customer experience, and increase revenue through targeted services and advertising.


What specific information does the venue owner receive? 


- How many people visited my venue?

- How long was their visit?

- What parts of the venue did they walk through?


How does WiFi Based Location Analytics Technology work?


Wifi enabled devices, such as your cell phone, periodically send out a message (beacon) advertising their presence. This message is sent regardless of whether or not your device is connected to a network. As long as the wifi service on your device is on, it will send out the periodic beacon.


How much personal information do you have about me?

None. We do not even have your phone's actual MAC address.

  • A software process on the sensor instantaneously converts the detected MAC address into a random string. This process is irreversible.
  • More often than not, the MAC address shared by your phone, is not even your device's actual MAC address. Most phone manufacturers have put safeguards in place to prevent endless tracking and data collection. Phones will regularly rotate through a set of fake MAC addresses to use in the beacons.

What specific information does the venue owner receive?


Number of Visitors


Visit Duration


Queue Wait Time


Percent Returning vs New


Path Through Venue


I do not want to be tracked. How can I opt out?


To prevent yourself from being tracked simply turn off the Wifi feature on your Wifi enabled device.