LiveReach Media's platform seamlessly integrates with any content management system and utilizes real-time sensor data captured through LRM's Intelligent Analytics Point (IAP) to enable precise data-driven decision making on behalf of advertisers and media owners.

LiveReach Media Approach Diagram

iAP Features


Bluetooth Beacon

  • Interactive ads or message delivery
  • Enable retargeting and push notifications


  • Gauge key metrics: dwell-time, uniques, impressions
  • Create geofences and enable zone measurement
  • Visualize audience movement with heat maps

Image Processing

  • Recognize age and gender
  • Measure advertisement viewability
  • Vehicle tracking and Crowd tracking


  • Extendable to virtually any device
  • NFC capability, Gesture tracking 
  • Display metrics from USB tech onto LRM's platform 

agnostic connectivity

  • Ethernet support
  • Wifi-enabled 
  • 4G LTE capability allowing for IAP installation anywhere

Platform Features

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Real-Time Analytics

Visualize detailed audience metrics captured by LRM's proprietary IAP: age, gender, demographics, movement patterns, dwell-time, and uniques.




Analytics dashboard

Campaign Management

LiveReach Media's platform puts advertisers in full control: a simplified campaign execution process and a comprehensive set of targeting solutions.

Analytics dashboard

Content Management System Integration

Publishers can enable their physical assets with a click of a button and begin managing yield from their out-of-home inventory.

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A cross-screen solution meant to deepen the engagement between advertisers and their target audience: retarget a user in proximity of an IAP Enabled OOH display using bluetooth technology.


Joint venture with Barco Electronics and Clear Channel to ensure advertisers have access to premium OOH inventory.

Our strategic partnerships with Barco and Clear Channel provide a full-stack solution empowering advertisers and publishers alike.