LRM provides your travelers and airport operators accurate wait time and traffic flow information to improve the overall traveler experience.

Through innovative sensor technology, LRM can increase customer throughput, create a stress-free environment, and arm your operations team with real-time insights and alerts to help allocate resources efficiently.


Our Customers


Insights For Travelers


Make Traveling A Stress-Free Process

Traveling is already difficult for people due to the time, money, and effort involved. The last thing travelers want is to feel rushed and nervous about potentially missing their flight. By providing wait times through digital signage or mobile applications, airports have the opportunity to make flying a stress-free process.


Insights For Operations


Manage Traveler Expectations and Improve Operations

Managing traveler expectations is critical for airport officials. Not only are travelers happier but so are airport decision makers. Operators can act on data to optimize traffic flow, reduce overall wait times, and quantify the impact of strategies used to increase traveler throughput and decrease congestion. Analytics is a win-win for travelers and the airport.


Our Innovative Solution



Typical solutions utilize crowd-sourcing methodology to provide wait-time data. Crown-sourcing data is never accurate and diverts your customers' attention away. Simply install LRM’s sensors which provide greater than 95% accuracy in real-time and let your operations managers handle the pain points.



LRM’s innovative technology is the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace today which can be deployed in less than a day with minimal effort. From the moment your customers arrive, you can be sure that your travelers will spend their time efficiently at your airport and your operations team is up to speed and has the know-how to act quickly and deliberately.